5 Ways to Give Yourself Natural Highlights

Natural Highlights For Your Hair People love to change their hair color. And why not? There’s not much more fun than switching up your look. One of the easiest ways to start that new look is by highlighting your hair. Millions upon million of people use highlights, but most use them wrong. Use highlights wrong, you ask? […] Read more »

The Effects of Chamomile Tea on Your Hair

Chamomile Tea For Hair Growth Are you struggling to grow your hair? It’s been statistically found that over 40% of women struggle with hair loss or poor hair growth, and 50% of men under 35 years of age struggle with hair loss and poor hair growth as well. There are many creams, oils, and pills […] Read more »

Hair Loss Solutions for Women of All Ages

Women of all ages experience hair loss, and it can be embarrassing or difficult to talk about with friends. There are proven hair loss solutions for women like this, and they may not be as crazy as you might think. While most hair loss solutions for women focus on those in their golden years, it […] Read more »

Revealed: The Power of Silica for Hair Growth

Trying to improve your hair health, and give it a luxurious texture? You might be on the cutting edge of scientific research into hair if you’ve considered silica. Check out our complete guide to silica and hair growth. What Is Silica? Why do we need it? Necessary for human development and growth throughout your life, […] Read more »

Growing Hair Overnight: Fact or Fiction

If you’ve ever longed for lengthier locks, you’ve probably tried to learn how to make your hair grow overnight. While it’s a well-known scientific fact that most healthy hair grows about a quarter to half an inch every month, there are articles aplenty boasting methods to teach you how to make your hair grow longer […] Read more »

Brittle vs. Thinning Hair: Two Types of Hair Loss

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out why your hair is acting up. Do you have brittle, dry, breaking hair? Or, is your hair thinning? If you’re not aware of the common characteristics of damaged hair, you might assume the wrong hair loss issue. Knowledge is power, and accuracy about your hair issues is the best […] Read more »

5 Expert Tips for Longer, Thicker Hair in 2017

thicker longer hair

You know the saying: new year, new you. We can definitely appreciate that, but we can bet there’s one thing that has remained the same as always — your pursuit of longer, thicker hair! There is an endless amount of information online, but here’s the truth: a lot of it is misguided and overcomplicated. It’s […] Read more »