Give Yourself Stress Free Straight Hair

8 Tips How To Keep Your Hair Straight

If you have curly hair, you want straight hair. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair. At least that’s the way it seems when it comes to hair styling and desire.

But if do like to keep your hair perfectly straight, it’s a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be stressful.

You can keep your hair straight for longer than you think. And you don’t have to take as much time as you think.

1. Purchase Products That Keep Your Straight Hair Straight

You can start in the shower when straightening your hair. Products exist to help you straighten your hair.

Your hair is made of a substance called Keratin. And it’s made up of a long chain of amino acids. These amino acids are so strongly bonded that they are very difficult to break apart and re-arrange.

This is why curly hair is difficult to straighten. And when you do straighten hair without the aid of chemicals, it reverts back to its original shape.

Hair shampoos that claim to straighten hair don’t actually act on these amino acids. They instead coat the hair in silicones and polymers.

These weigh down the hairs and cause them to straighten out a little. If you aren’t using an iron to straighten your hair, but want to decrease frizz, this is a great way to do it.

But if you use this kind of shampoo, you can decrease the amount of time spent with iron.

If any of these substances remain on your hair after the flat iron, your hair will be a little bit more resistant to moisture. This could give you straight hair for longer.

2. Forget the Flat Iron

If your stress comes from the fact that you might damage your hair, never fear.

It’s entirely possible to straighten your hair with nothing more than a few products and a hair dryer.

3. Prepare Your Hair

You need to first prepare your hair. Remember that your hair is a chain of proteins. And you need to soften those bonds.

So put in some conditioners like the Biorgeo Repair Don’t Despair Mask. Conditioners like this will help prepare your hair for the straightening techniques we’re about to show you.

And then add a leave-in for your hair. This will keep your hair from drying out too much in the process of heating the protein bonds.

Lastly, add heat protection. You want to make sure that you have the right silicones in your hair.

Not only do they weigh down your hair like we said before, but they protect your hair as well.

Tresseme makes a great heat protectant if you’re looking for something within a lower budget.

And before we move on, you’ve detangled your hair, right? It’s imperative that you’ve done this. Tangled hair is the number one cause of breakage in hair straightening.

4. Choose the Best Hair Dryer

You don’t want any old hair dryer. You’re looking to keep your hair safe. And a hair dryer that has an unreliable temperature won’t guarantee that.

You want a hair dryer with a nozzle. Something that sits on the spout of the dryer to keep from burning your hair.

You want a dryer with 1800-2400 Watts. And you want something with ion and infrared heat.

Go through various forums and reviews before you choose a dryer. Look for something with a hair protection setting.

This will allow you to keep the temperature just right to straighten that hair.

5. Choose the Best Hair Brush

The best brush for hair straightening will actually change color when the temperature is too high.

And no, we don’t mean charcoal black. That would come with a funny smell.

Ceramic brushes might be your best bet. They are actually better than a boar bristle. They smooth hair better.

You want two of these. One large and one small. The small one is a fine detail brush. The large one is a macro brush or a big detail brush.

6. Start With a Towel Not the Dryer

You want to save your hair the damage of having to keep the heat on it forever. Take a towel. Pat it dry. We recommend microfiber as this will dry much faster.

If you dry it by about 80% you will avoid having to spend so much time on each strand later. Thus, you will reduce the risk of hair damage.

You can also blast your hair with cold air. This will dry your hair a little faster. But be careful. You could undo some of the straightening of the agents you’ve placed in your hair.

7. Your Hair Should Be Divided Into 4 Sections

From ear to ear and from nose to middle of your shoulder. This should divide your hair up into four sections like a Simon board. You may have to divide it up even further if your hair is thicker and more abundant.

Then start with the most stubborn areas of your hair. Use your small brush for the bangs and use the lowest heat possible. If your hair is fine enough you can actually use cold air. But if it’s thick, then you’ll have to up the temperature.

Up the temperature on your dryer until the hair begins to straighten as you pull through with your brush. Do not focus on the ends. Make sure you start at the roots and work your way all the way down.

If you focus on the ends, you will break the most fragile part of your hair.

8. You Need to Make Sure It’s Fully Dry

If your straight hair is not completely dry, it will curl up in under an hour. You want your hair to stay straight through the day. So blast it with come cold air to finish it off.

And then gently apply some oil on your hair to seal in the dryness.


It’s absolutely possible to have a stress free life and keep your straight hair. It just takes a little bit of know-how and gumption on your part.

What are your favorite hair straightening techniques? Let us know in the comments below.



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