The Effects of Chamomile Tea on Your Hair

Chamomile Tea For Hair Growth

Are you struggling to grow your hair? It’s been statistically found that over 40% of women struggle with hair loss or poor hair growth, and 50% of men under 35 years of age struggle with hair loss and poor hair growth as well.

There are many creams, oils, and pills one can take to help regrow their hair. But have you ever heard of using chamomile tea to stimulate hair growth?

We put together a guide to understanding the use of chamomile tea for hair growth and some effects the herb can have on your strands as well. Whether your hair is brittle or thinning, chamomile tea might be able to help the integrity of your hair.

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What Is Chamomile?

Chamomile (Matricaria retutica or Chamaemelum nobile) is a herb that has been used around the world for hundreds of years. Typically, most people use chamomile boiled in water to make a tea that aids in promoting sleep.

German chamomile (Matricaria retutica) is the most widely used. This type of chamomile is used for a ton of things, including:

  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Stomach problems, especially cramps
  • Menstrual cramping
  • Skin swelling
  • Bacteria fighting
  • Chest colds
  • Abscesses
  • Gum bleeding
  • Diaper rash
  • Chickenpox, plus many other skin ailments and irritations

Chamomile can be used by tossing dried chamomile flowers in a hot bath, as a tea infusion, or as a tincture.

Chamomile, while widely considered safe for consumption and use, contains a type of pollen in the flowers that is known to cause allergic reactions in some consumers. As a rule of thumb, people with known allergies to ragweed (particularly the pollen) are likely also allergic to chamomile pollen as well.

Chamomile can also mess with blood thinners as well. If you are currently on an anticoagulant, talk to your doctor about using chamomile tea for hair growth.

The Effects Of Chamomile Tea On Hair

The effects of chamomile tea on hair might surprise you.

1. Vitamins.

There are many vitamins that help stimulate hair growth. They include:

  • Vitamin B7 (better known as Biotin)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B-complex

Chamomile contains a decent amount of Vitamin A when consumed as a tea or tincture. This fat-soluble vitamin aid in vision function, immune function (which in turn aids in hair growth), reproductive health, and the health of lungs and kidneys.

2. Say goodbye to dandruff.

Chamomile tea is great at soothing skin irritations. Dandruff is one of many ailments caused by skin irritations that chamomile tea can help.

Those with serious scalp itchiness and soreness may find that rinsing hair with ice cold chamomile tea brewed previously and cooled beforehand helps reduce flakiness.

3. Hair growth.

That’s what we’re ultimately looking for, right? Chamomile tea contains a lot of antiseptic properties that clears away dead skin cells and debris that gets lodged in the base of hair, which can keep it from growing properly.

Consuming chamomile tea or tinctures also helps up your metabolism, which helps your hair grow much faster.

4. Dry hair and nourishment.

If you have particularly dry and brittle hair, chamomile tea can help nourish your delicate strands. Try rinsing your hair with chamomile tea to add some serious brightness to lifeless hair.

5. No more split ends.

Split ends are a pain. Especially if you’re trying to grow out your hair but have to constantly trim off excess split ends, reducing your desired length.

A chamomile tea rinse can help prevent split ends by packing the ends with nutrients before they split. Mixing a wheat-based beer with chamomile tea is also known to be a helpful hair rinse that aids in reducing split ends.

6. That shampoo commercial glimmering shine.

Is your hair very flat and not so lustrous? Chamomile tea can help brighten your hair a bit without substantially harming it in the way that intense bleach, developer, and chemical dye can.

Skip the bleach and try rinsing your hair with chamomile regularly to reduce matte texture and brighten. You can also mix chamomile tea with henna-based dyes to really make natural colors pop.

In order for this effect to work, you’ll need to regularly rinse your hair with chamomile tea.

Blonde hair is beautiful, but some blondes don’t like the mousy look of bland dirty-blond hair. The brightening effect of chamomile tea can help reduce brown tones while intensifying light tones for more vibrant blonde locks.

7. Cold and flu.

Ever notice how your skin and hair tend to suffer when you’re going through a particularly awful cold or stomach flu? Chamomile tea can help with that.

In addition to medicines you’re already taking, chamomile tea can help boost your immune system. The bacteria fighting abilities of chamomile also aids in clearing up a cold faster.

Sleeping can be difficult to do when you’re sick. Chamomile is notorious as a sleep aid, which could help you get the valuable rest you (and your locks) need to recover from an illness.

How To Use Chamomile Tea For Hair Growth

If you’re sold on trying chamomile tea for hair growth, it’s very easy to do. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Brew about one tablespoon (or more, depending on your hair length) of dried chamomile flowers in 1/4 of water at a rolling boil.
  2. Cover the pot and let the herb steep for fifteen minutes.
  3. Strain out the loose herbs and compost the remains.
  4. Add one tablespoon of organic honey to the liquid.
  5. Stir the mixture until the honey begins to dissolve into the water.
  6. Let the mixture cool so that it doesn’t burn to the touch.
  7. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp immediately after shampooing or washing. Be sure to take your time and massage your scalp.
  8. Let the mixture sit on your hair for about ten minutes or so.
  9. Rinse until water runs clear.

Not only will your hair reap the benefits of chamomile, but it will smell like a field of wildflowers as well.

How was our guide to using chamomile tea as a hair stimulant? Tell us what you think, along with your favorite all natural methods for stimulating hair growth, in the comments below!

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