Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

You will never have the healthy and shiny hair of your dreams if your hair doesn’t grow properly. Hair growth is influenced by a number of factors, which include your overall health, your diet and of course whether or not you follow a good hair care regimen. If you are looking to promote hair growth, your hair care regimen must include oil application. Many people use coconut oil for hair growth. When used correctly this oil conditions, protects and moisturizes the scalp and allows the hair to grow properly.

In this article I’m going to tell you why coconut oil can help your hair grow faster, explain how to apply it to hair, and give you some general advice for using this amazing natural oil on your hair.

How Does Coconut Oil Work to Promote Hair Growth?

  • Shields hair protein:Lauric acid, a major component of coconut oil gives the oil its protective properties. Lauric acid is a fatty acid that easily binds hair proteins thus helping in protecting roots of hair strands and preventing hair breakage. A study conducted in 2003 revealed that coconut oil can reduce or prevent hair protein loss more effectively than mineral and sunflower oils (these two oils are common ingredients of many hair care products).
  • Seals in hair moisture: Regular application of coconut oil can help you to keep your hair strong and moisturized. Coconut oil possesses the ability of penetrating the hair shaft and thus conditions your hair from within. The oil supplies enough moisture to protect your hair follicles from environmental impurities and heat.
  • Contains antibacterial and antifungal properties: Coconut oil’s antibacterial and antifungal properties give the oil the ability of protecting your scalp against dandruff and lice, both of which can hinder hair growth.
  • Contains nutrients: Coconut oil is a rich source of nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. These nutrients are essential for maintaining your hair’s shine and softness. Vitamin E is particularly effective in eradicating dandruff, which is a major cause of hair fall and hindered hair growth.
  • Improves blood circulation: Massage your scalp with coconut oil to stimulate blood circulation. Improved blood circulation to your scalp will ensure that your hair follicles receive the required amount of essential nutrients and oxygen. This will make your hair follicles healthy and promote hair growth.

How to Apply Coconut Oil

There are two ways to apply coconut oil to hair – either before or after washing:

  • People with slightly wavy or straight hai should undergo coconut oil treatment before washing their hair.
  • If you have curly or thick hair, you can apply coconut oil both before and after washing your hair. As curly hair tends to absorb oil quickly, you will not end up having greasy looking hair even if you apply coconut oil after washing the hair.

Before shampooing: First apply the oil generously to your scalp and rub the scalp gently to ensure that the oil spreads adequately to the entire area. Continue massaging the scalp for 5 minutes. Now, concentrate on your hair strands. If required you can take some more oil for oiling the hair strands. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes (or up to 2-4 hours if you have a lot of hair breakage problems) and then wash the hair off with your regular shampoo.

During shampooing: Some people get amazing results by mixing their shampoo and/or conditioner with coconut oil (50/50 or some other ratio). Give it a try and see how it compares with using coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment. This is by far the least time consuming method, so that’s a big benefit as well.

After shampooing: Not all types of hair react well to post-wash coconut oil treatment. If you find that your hair is “protein sensitive”, it is likely to react badly to coconut oil as well, so keep this in mind. As for application, here’s what I recommend: if you have problems with split-ends or dry hair, apply a little coconut oil to the ends of your hair (up to 2-3 inches) after it has completely dried out.

Tips for Using Coconut Oil On Your Hair

While there are thousands of articles touting the benefits of coconut oil treatments for hair, very few of them provide tips to maximize those benefits and avoid any potential pitfalls. The truth is that coconut oil hair treatments are not suitable for everyone. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to give you some tips for using coconut oil, explain how it works, and help you decide whether this kind of treatment is right for you.

Q: Should I warm the oil up before applying it?

A: Due to the fact that coconut oil turns solid in lower (room) temperatures, it often makes sense to warm it up a little before use. This makes it much simpler to apply to hair/scalp. Avoid using hot oil as it can damage your skin. A simple way to prepare coconut oil for use is to fill a large bowl with boiling-hot water and then place a smaller bowl with some oil into it. Wait until the coconut oil melts and then use it!

Q: How much oil should I apply to my hair?

A: When applying coconut oil to your hair before shampooing you can use as much oil as you feel necessary. Many people dose coconut oil the same way as regular shampoo/conditioner by applying just enough to cover the scalp and full hair length.

Now, using coconut oil as a leave-in treatment after washing your hair is very different. Applying too much of it will almost certainly leave your hair looking greasy and tangled. Plus, oil attracts dust and other pollutants which can make the hair look dirty really fast. I recommend using just a tiny amount of coconut oil on the ends to help combat dryness. If you are looking for a suitable leave-in post-wash oil treatment for your hair, coconut oil is not it.

Q: What are the benefits of pre-wash coconut oil treatments?

A: Using coconut oil on your hair prior to washing is a great way to minimize damage and breakage that occurs when you wash your hair. Water has the tendency to soften our skin and can lead to the skin around your hair follicles becoming tender and prone to damage. This can lead to hair breakage, shedding and various other problems.

Luckily, since coconut oil is a water repellent, applying some of it to the scalp/hair before washing can prevent this from happening. Another thing that sets coconut oil apart from other oils is that it bonds with hair proteins with ease and can penetrate deep into the skin thanks to its light chemical properties. This creates a temporary “shield” that protects your scalp and hair from water damage.

Q: What about using coconut oil as a post-wash treatment?

A: Most people use coconut oil after shampooing to prevent split ends. Wait until the hair has dried out completely and then apply a little oil to the very ends. The oil is quickly absorbed by the hair and forms a “protective” layer shielding your hair from environmental damage.

Q: Does coconut oil really cure head lice?

A: There is a lot of evidence that coconut oil is very effective as a natural head lice treatment. For instance, one UK study found a special coconut oil + anise spray to be nearly twice more effective at eradicating head lice than any other widely used treatment today.

A commonly used (although never studied) lice treatment is to soak the scalp and hair in coconut oil, then cover with foil, shower cap or a towel. Leave it on overnight, then wash the oil out with shampoo. There’s no evidence that this treatment works, but many proponents of all-natural remedies swear by it.

If you have any questions about coconut oil for hair please ask in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Do I need to heat the oil up before applying it?
    Great info btw!

    • admin says:

      I normally heat it up a little so it melts properly. Don’t make it hot though.

      • Batzion says:

        Another way is to get one one of those nozzle-top bottles (the kind used for coloring your hair) from a beauty supply store. Pour the liquid coconut oil in the bottle. If it solidifies, just hold the bottle under hot water until the oil melts.

      • kay says:

        how long does it take for your hair to grow like 1 inch when using dis????????????

    • Saidah says:

      Ok i want my hair to be lighter and longer how can i achieve this?

      • Mandy says:

        Do the inversion method with coconut oil. To find out more look up on you-tube and there are many people to show you how to do it.

      • Amy says:

        You can make your hair lighter naturally by applying lemon juice to only the roots, but be careful with the hair tips/follicles as it can dry them out. Then sit in the sun for some time. There is unfortunately no real method or proper treatment as such to growing your hair but you can make it healthy by going for regular 3 month cuts and shampooing and conditioning it with organic sulphate free shampoos.

    • Josie says:

      Wow! Thanks so much! I was going to start using coconut oil to grow out my hair in a healthy way, so I needed to know exactly what to do for my hair. Your steps to doing it helped me out so much and now I know exactly what to do! Thank you again!

  2. marlon q says:

    make the oil a bit more warmer before applying it.

    • admin says:

      Yea you can fill a pot up with hot water, place a small bowl inside it and add some coconut oil to it and let it melt. Don’t make it hot though. Coconut oil is difficult to apply otherwise because it’s a solid mass in room temperatures.

  3. Don says:

    Wonderful article and great to see you promoting the amazing benefits of Coconut Oil. I have been using it on my hair for several years now and enjoy its healthy shine. Coconut Oil is far better than any commercial product out there and knowing its 100% from nature, is the only way for me.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment! I only just enabled comments so still learning how it all works heh. 🙂

      There are many other oils that can be used to improve hair health and ultimately promote hair growth. I’ll try to cover some of those in another article soon.

    • Margaret says:

      What kind do you use? From grocery store?

  4. jayne says:

    I have seborrheic dermatitis n oily scalp. Can I use coconut oil. Please advise

    • christie says:

      For the oily hair issue, you can use 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of coconut milk, an entire bottle of water, and a few drops of coconut oil. That is basically a homeade shampoo that works very well. For the seborrheic dermatitis, coconut oil should really help with that, but i would have to look into it more. I hope it works though

    • christie says:

      For the oily hair issue, you can use 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of coconut milk, an entire bottle of water, and a few drops of coconut oil. That is basically a homeade shampoo that works very well. For the seborrheic dermatitis, coconut oil should really help with that, but i would have to look into it more. I hope it works though.

  5. anju says:

    i have curly dry hair from last 6 years its grown only 5 c.m now i am 22 years old,, what can i do please help me….

  6. Sha says:

    I cut my hair recently. It’s not suitable for me. How can I grow my hair faster. I used biotin for 1 week. Rather than this way? Pls help me. My weeding on recently.

    • sara says:

      Hi, you can try head massages for hair growth results. You can also try the inversion method, there are some videos on that on youtube. 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    I have heard wonders about coconut oil benefits to the hair and have started applying it as a pre-wash treatment. However, I notice that every time I apply it some of my hair falls. I have relatively thin hair and I am trying to grow it out. Is hair loss normal when applying oil? Am I applying too much oil? Should I dilute the oil with some water? I would really appreciate it if you can give me some advice about how to best use coconut oil in my case. Thank you.

    • Marina says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment!

      Coconut oil is not suitable for all types of hair. Unfortunately, the only way to tell whether your hair will like it is to give it a try. Now, there can be many reasons why you’re losing more hair than normal:

      1. Using too much oil. Coconut oil mimics protein and some hair types simply can’t stand heavy protein treatments.
      2. Massaging your scalp for too long and/or irritating hair follicles. While scalp massages are a great thing, you must be very careful to apply oil smoothly without applying too much pressure on your scalp.

      Heavy shedding when using oil is not normal… especially if it continues. I would suggest either trying a different method (such as mixing coconut oil with shampoo or conditioner) or trying lighter oils (jojoba/olive + a couple drops of your favourite essential oil/oils. castor oil is another option, but it has a distinct smell that you might not like).

    • says:

      I use avocado oil for my hair as well as my face. It seems to work really well, but is not as “heavy” as coconut oil, so it might be more suitable for thinner hair. I also sometimes use almond oil, or a mixture of almond and coconut oil for a hair mask. Using a thinner oil makes spreading it to hair a faster feat.

  8. Salma says:

    How often should I use coconut oil on my hair? I have wavy hair and I want to grow it out fast. I would really appreciate a quick answer 🙂

    • Marina says:


      It depends on how you use it and whether your hair likes protein or not (since coconut oil mimics protein). I’ll write something up about hair and protein sensitivity in the next couple of days.

      If you have trouble retaining growth, do you also have split ends? Put some coconut oil on dry ends to give them a little extra protection. Is that doesn’t work – try using jojoba oil on your ends instead. Oh and don’t forget to trim the very ends before treating them with oils – existign damage (split ends) can’t be repaired and should be cut off.

      As for frequency… pre-wash leave in treatments I’d say about 1-2 times per week. If you mix coconut oil into shampoo or conditioner – every time you wash your hair (should be 1-3 times a week).

      Remember that not all hair types like coconut oil. If you find that your hair feels brittle, dry or weighed down – try jojoba oil instead! For most people it’s either coconut or jojoba.

      • marie says:

        Ok so on YouTube it says that coconut oil helps repair dead ends. I have really dry ends and hair. I’m trying to grow my hair out back to the length I had it before. My hair is up to my shoulders and very dry plus I don’t want to keep cutting it cuz its gonna make me look like a boy. All I do is cut my ends but I don’t want to keep cutting them. My hair is already super short. Help please.

      • Rose says:

        Can you leave it in over night?

      • Tamesheria Murray says:

        Hi I use coconut oil also before I go to the shop and get a throughly wash but I also take biotin with coconut oil everyday is this to much protein in my hair because it not growing to me at all and I’ve been using it like this for a while now

  9. Brittany says:

    Thank you for writing the article on coconut oil and its benefits. Is it okay if I mix castor oil & coconut oil together to use as a pre-wash? Also, can I use conditioner after shampooing even though I did a pre-wash with the coconut oil?

    • Marina says:

      No problem – thank you for leaving a comment!

      1. Mixing castor and coconut oils shouldn’t be a problem. Unless your hair doesn’t like coconut oil, of course.
      2. You can use a conditioner without problems. Think of oil products as an addition to your regular hair care routine. Some people find that adding coconut oil into shampoo or pre-soaking hair in oils before shampooing allows them to skip conditioner altogether. But that obviously depends on how your hair reacts to specific oils.

      Remember that both castor and coconut oils are considered to be quite “heavy” and can weigh your hair down if overused. I’d experiment with 2:1 and 3:1 (coconut:castor) ratios to start with.

      • Chelsea says:

        Your hair really should be conditioned every time it gets wet. I only wash mine 2 times a week but condition probably 3-4 times a week.. Also another tip, if I may, put your conditioner on first, then wash your body and shave (or whatever else you do) and rinse with cool water last 🙂

  10. nayeli says:

    Can i leave the coconut oil over night? Will it become greasy if i do?

  11. shay says:

    hi i gave the coconut oil a go although i did it a little bit differently. i could only buy the pro chef cocnut oil spray and i sprayed it in my hands then rubbed it into my scalp and tips of my hair but i left it in over night and now im not sure whether to wash it out straight away with shampoo or leave it in for two days like people on other websites say to do.

  12. ian says:

    my hair drops alot. will coconut oil help aid this problem?

  13. raj says:

    whether applying coconut oil at night time before sleep is good for hair growth and stops hair loss..?

  14. Heather says:

    Good day,
    I have thin, fine hair. My hair tends to break off ever so often and mainly in the front on the sides and the back sleep section. I have tried so many products n wen it doesn’t work I stop give my hair a break and try something else. Should I try the pre was treatment seing as my hair is dry n thin.

  15. Kumar swamy says:

    How to treat bald spot by coconut oil.

  16. Hanan says:

    Does coconuts oil suit oily hair?

  17. Marnina says:

    Coconut oil is not a protein treatment, not does it mimic one. It prevents protein leaving the hair shaft and furthermore locks in moisture.

  18. Audrey says:

    can it darken hair? I hv some grey gair. can the grey hair turn black? or can black hair remains black?

  19. Rachel says:

    Hi Marina, I’ve just started using coconut oil in my very thick, curly and frizzy hair. I had put in some coconut oil in it while it was dry and it felt nice and soft. I left it overnight and then washed my hair today. My hair felt quite dry after shampooing but this could be due to my hair being unhealthy at the moment.

    I then let my hair air dry and then put some coconut oil in my hair. My hair now feels really nice and soft. Do you think my hair likes coconut oil or not? I’m not sure if after washing is when my hair is telling me it doesn’t like it although it feels soft while it’s in my hair now. I look forward to your reply. THANKS!

  20. dinesh Babu says:

    for past 7 years I had hair loss . my hair loss from root . after hair loss . I took the hair and saw . end of the hair had white colour skin .why it’s coming and how to stop that.with two years marriage for me . revert me

  21. Lisa says:

    Hello – Are there any brands of coconut oil you would recommend? Is the goal for Extra virgin expeller pressed? Any trustworthy brands you know? Thanks!

  22. Mandi says:

    Thanks to the wonderful post. I’m gonna try it tonight on my hair.

  23. Jeanine Jones says:

    I want to try coconut oil for hair strength and shine. After buying a small bottle of liquid at the beauty supply store called coconut oil, then buying a tub of Blue Magic at CVS, i realized both of these probably have very little coconut oil in them. I want to use the right stuff. Please tell me what brand or brands to buy. My hair is fine and straight. Thank u so much.

    • Abby says:

      I use extra virgin coconut oil that you’d find in a tub in the store, in with the cooking things. Any brand should be fine, as long as it’s solid in the tub. My tub even has instructions for both cooking use AND hair use!

    • Darryl says:

      Extra virgin organic coconut oil raw or unrefined has more nutrients. The brand sold at Costco is awesome

  24. aleem says:

    hey.. how long does it take before you start noticing the benefits of coconut oil on your hair? i just started applying it since i have an itchy scalp and i have hair loss..

  25. Faiza says:

    How often should I apply cocunut oil I really need something for hair growth Iam 14

  26. Cindy says:

    Hey ladies, I have problems removing coconut oil after any tips?

    • Roxy says:

      I don’t know where I heard this but I apply the shampoo directly to the oil no water. Then I rinse it all out and wash it a second time. If the oiliness is gone I leave it at that but if not I wash it again,.

  27. Farzeen says:

    Hey, I bought coconut oil recently and its called ‘Dabur Vatika’ coconut oil. Apparently, from what I know about coconut oil, it’s supposed to be kinda… solid-ish? The one that I bought is like pure liquid oil. Do you think it’s the same?

    • kim says:

      coconut oil when made is in the liquid form.It becomes solid base on the country you live in or if you put it in the fridge.

  28. Trace says:

    Does it need to be “extra virgin” or refined to work?

    • mary says:

      Make sure the coconut oil is organic gluten free virgin oil this means its safe to use internal and external less is more sort to speak on your hair and twice a week is plenty to treat your hair. I exp hair fall to start with and i took this to be just the weak hair that would be breaking anyway,true to my staying with the routine for sometime my hair is now healtier than ever and just normal fall like any person would exp when washing or brushing. I no longer have hair breakage or splitends which is great. I also take the oil internal 4 tea spoons a day morn aftrnoon eve and night. Hope this helps.

  29. I am racially mixed, I use coconut oil after I shampoo,I mix it with my conditioner so when I rinse it out it wont make my hair greasy,and since I blow dry my hair its perfect

  30. Jeanine Jones says:

    I have Nature’s Way Liquid Premium Coconut Oil 93% MCTs non-GMO Expeller Pressed. It is very liquid-like in a bottle. I don’t think it would be too thick to pour into and use a spray bottle to apply it to my hair. What do u think? Thank you.

  31. LaColsha Williams says:

    Does coconut oil help with detangling hair while washing?

  32. LaColsha Williams says:

    I have been going natural from a year and nine months now. I’m trying to find something to help me detangle my hair easier without breaking my hair. I have bought a wide tooth comb but I need something that will help detangle my hair.

  33. Trisha Marchesa says:

    I’ve been using coconut oil on my waist length hair for 3 months. Sometimes it’s a real problem to wash it out so my hair isn’t greasy looking. I tried using a handful of baking soda mixed in with my shampoo to remove the excess coconut oil. It works!

    • Jenna Nolten says:

      I have that problem now too. I used coconutoil for the first time yesterday and I had to wash my hair twice and it still was a little bit greasy looking. How did you come up with the idea to add baking soda in your shampoo? Isn’t that bad for your hair? Doesn’t it remove the positive effects of coconut oil?
      I’d be very happy with an answer!

  34. Hallie says:

    how many inches would you say it grows in a month, after using everyday every week?

  35. Alexandria says:

    I put on coconut oil all over my hear (including the ends, and scalp) and leave it in for an hour. Then I take a shower in cool water, and wash my hair. I shampooed my hair twice. Will that take all the oil off? Should I shampoo my hair when taking a shower with coconut oil in my hair?

  36. bee says:

    Hey guuuys! For those of you that have issues removing the coconut oil! I started using it a couple of weeks ago and had the same problem! What I did was taking baking soda and spread it all over my scalp, and massage it, as if it was dry-shampoo. I brushed my hair trying to get rid of as much baking soda as possible. Then showered. Also, during shower, I put conditioner (like a humongous amount of conditioner) and left it there for a while. Rinsed it, and did it again. After that there was no oil on my hair. And it still felt suuuper soft and shiny!

  37. Melody says:

    Would u still recommend rubbing coconut oil on our hair scalps if we have naturally oil-hair?

  38. nicole says:

    What if some hair comes out during a treatment? Is that normal or is coconut oil not right for me?

  39. Lani says:

    Love this article. I am a true Hawaiian girl, born and raised on the islands and grew up doing this all the time..My mom use to send me a ton of bottles up until 3 years ago when they started selling them in stores. Tank God… I use to for Everything!

  40. Alex says:

    Hello, I am desperately trying to grow my wavy hair out. It has suffered a lot of damage due to an eating disorder and heat damage. And I am looking for a “top notch” organic coconut oil. What BRANDS do you recommend? Oh and if I apply the coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment, should I wet my hair first or treat it when dry?

    Also, my hair (besides my roots) is dry as a desert. Would coconut oil be a good leave in conditioner for me personally? Or will that lead to more hair falling out? Thanks!!

  41. Rehav says:

    hi i read about coconut oil as one of the best ways to increase hair and as a body moisturizer for body too my question is does coconut oil increase the body hair ?!! please ancwer me! thanx.

  42. Vandari says:

    My hair is dry and it falls too much,what should i do?i am having a seven months old baby

  43. Caro says:

    Hi, I use coconut oil mixed with a little almond oil as a pre wash for my colour damaged thick hair. It really works well and I sometimes leave it in over night but I have found that it works just as we’ll if I leave it in for an hour. The tip that I have is removing the oil….I coat my hair in a light conditioner (silicone free) , leave it in for 15 minutes. I use quite a lot of conditioner , then when I shower it removes all the coconut milk. Sometimes I don’t use shampoo at all , giving it a final coat of conditioner just to make sure I have removed all the oil. Occasionally I may use a SLS free shampoo in a tiny amount just on the roots at my temples. When my hair is dry I use a little coconut oil on the ends. Works for me xx

  44. Derrika Wiley says:

    Can I use coconut oil for hair growth if I have a little hair lose

  45. April says:

    I just started using coconut oil and my question is that, I have braids in my hair and i apply coconut oil about every three days and smooth some through the braids, I shampoo my hair every two weeks, how long can coconut oil stay in the hair before shampooing it? should I shampoo it once applied or is it OK to leave it in that long?

  46. Carrie says:

    I have been using coconut oil as a hair treatment for about five years and it is really great stuff. My hair is problematic; naturally curly and easily frizzed, not to mention bleached and highlighted, so it tends to be very dry. I used to have a ton of split ends, like it seemed as if practically every single strand was split, and because the ends were always breaking off it seemed as if my hair was taking forever to grow out from an unfortunate haircut. Then I decided to try putting about a teaspoonful of coconut oil on the bottom few inches of my hair every night. My hair soaked up the oil while I slept and I did not need to wash it out. I learned to wash my hair only every three days or so, which also helped it grow faster and more healthy. After I get my color and highlights my head sometimes feels itchy from the bleach and if I carefully apply a little coconut oil to just my scalp with my fingertips the itch is relieved. I hope this helps anyone else whose hair is as dry as mine was. My hair is now soft and about seven inches longer and has almost no split ends, even right after I get it colored.

    • Rocio says:

      So awesome! thanks for sharing! Did it take you 5 years to grow the 7 inches?

    • Faye says:

      Thanks for the great info. I too have curly hair and a colorist destroyed my hair a yeaer ago !!! and I am still dealing with the results. All damaged — like a halo around my head. I’ve tried everything. Will coconut oil help with this scenario too. I want my good hair back! Thanks.

  47. Emerald says:

    How often are we suppose to use the coconut oil for hair? Is it daily or every few days?

    • sara says:

      often folks use the oil as a pre-treatment before every washing. i recently created a teatree clove primrose oil blend with my olive oil for my skin as i am acne prone and literally saw results over night.. its a.. about the linoliec acid!!

  48. Dolitha says:

    I wash my hair every weekend I put the coconut oil in my hair for about 1 hr.When will you start seeing a change in your hair.

  49. Precy says:

    Conditioners made with natural oils are the best you can put on your hair, I’ve been using the Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil conditioner and the argan oil has been wonderful for my dry and
    frizzy hair! They have it online, it’s a bit pricey but it’s really professional quality conditioner and you’ll see the difference.

  50. Kayty says:

    I have really thick wavy hair that is down to the small of my back. I want to grow it out longer, but I’m worried I will make it too thick. would that be a problem? How long does it take for you to see the difference in hair length after using the Coconut oil? What brand do you recommend?

  51. Chem says:

    Hi, after applying the oil for the require time, is it a must to wash off the oil completely, or is it ok to just have some oil left on the scalp?

  52. Lily says:

    How often can you use the coconut oil? Will it encourage hair growth for hair loss? Is there a particular brand that is the best?

  53. Sofia Enriquez says:

    Hi , I applied warm Coconut Oil in my hair after shampooing , & left it in overnight. In the morning , I washed it off with shampoo. I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing. Should I keep on doing this process ? & if so , for how long ?

  54. Brittni says:

    Hi Marina,
    I see you havent responded for quite some time so I hope you will respond to me o.O but anyways I just recently bought my unrefined extra virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil and i’ve been using it in my straightened hair towards the ends and at the root as well as scalp of my hair. im mixed (black and white) so I my hair is naturally very curly so I can go a week without washing/cowashing my hair. Is it okay to apply coconut oil in those areas of my hair everyday without washing my hair for a week or do you recomend that I do something different. Plz answer. Thank you

  55. Sophie says:

    I use coconut oil everyday before I shower. Sometimes I apply a few more afterwards while my hair is still damp and it works great! I have a dry hair btw.

  56. Kels says:

    How often do I do this to make my hair longer in two months?

  57. kylie says:

    does coconut helps with regrowing hair out?

  58. Ranjeet says:

    Thanks a lot for this great info.

    Can you please suggest any treatment for MPB.

  59. Michelle says:

    How long will it take for the coconut oil to make my hair grow faster? How many days will it take?

    • Sonja Lester says:

      the oil does not make your hair grow faster but what it does is stop the breakage so your hair can grow

    • Dale says:

      Nothing makes your hair grow faster it grows at about .5 inches per month. Coconut oil helps condition hair making it feel better and adding moisture when used regularly.

  60. Jodi Macomber says:

    How long after using coconut oil until you notice a difference in shine/healthiness/softness?

  61. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie says:

    Thanks for your information on coconut oil, it has really helped me alot

  62. Linda says:

    Hello I was just reading your arrival on coconut oil.I am 47 and noticed that my hair is thinning and breaking I also find that shampoos and conditioners are also leaving my scalp itchy to the point of uncontrollable scratching. I do realize through the years I probably could of taken better care of my hair. But unfortunately will always have to colour it now. To keep the grey @bay. So I was just wandering where do I buy this coconut oil from and also do you know of what shampoo and conditioner would benefit me. Kind reguards Linda:-)

    • dawn says:

      Hi Linda, You can buy the oil at any health food store. I am 46 and have noticed my hair thinning too. I used the oil last nigh on my hair and face and my hair had more bounce and my face looked amazing. Good luck.

    • Jeanine says:

      Hi Linda, I am 48, have grey hairs, and also bleach my hair. First, I changed my shampoo to Biolage for fragile hair (along w/the conditioner). Yes, it is a bit pricey and I purchased it at Ulta. However, you will immediately notice a difference!! Read my post below, I have been using coconut oil (just bought it at walmart) for about $3.99 a jar. I put it on my hair for at least 45min to an hour pre-wash. Then, I use my Bioloage shampoo/conditioner. I hairdresser immediately noticed the difference in my normally very dry, very frizzy hair. My hair is soo soft and shiny now, and I don’t have any hairs left in the tub after I wash it!! I hope this helps. Ohh.. I use “unrefined” coconut oil and I do not heat it up. I just keep rubbing it in my hands or keep applying it to my hair until its all covered. Good luck!!

    • Carmen says:

      You can find coconut oil just about anywhere. I usually get mine from walmart. I dont recall exactly where it can be found in store but, i believe it should be where you can find the other cooking oils. I do know its always found with the cooking goods.

  63. Claudia says:

    I have a question… I only have refined oil at home can i still use it cause i really need shiny hair tomorrow… Last thing… My hair is wavy and dry… After i apply coconut oil, i want it to still be wavy but not dry. Will it work that way?

  64. Sbeijkie says:

    I really like this article. I’ve tried coconut oil once before (today is my second treatment) and it felt much thicker already after the first treatment. I do have thin hair, but it used to be way thinner (cutting my hair extremely short a few times did so much good). My hair is pretty healthy (no split ends etc.) even though I dye it on a regular basis. However my scalp is the reason I started this. I have eczema spots on my scalp that itch like hell and I read that the coconut oil was good in helping to reduce it. I have noticed a difference, the spots got smaller, so I’m really hopefull. =)

    • Sbeijkie says:

      Oh, I do have a question by the way: how much shedding is normal? I have had short hair for so long I can’t remember what is normal, since you don’t see the small hairs. When my hair first got longer I kept finding hairs everywhere and at first I thought I was going bald =P haha, fortunately not, but when I put the oil in I do have about a dozen of hairs in the sink, so I am wondering if that is normal?

  65. Noel says:

    I have a lot of hair loss lately, some of it due to thyroid deactivated. Doctor says my thyroid is in normal range. I am desperately looking for something that will regrow my once medium fine hair that is thin now. I have alopesia in once spot, have had it since I was 4 years old, it’s getting bigger too. Anyone who can help with suggestions I would appreciate so much.

  66. Nanda says:


    I’m a guy. 27 years old. I have long curly hair and dry scalp.. I really don’t know how to take care consistently. And now i already loss son many hairs on my front part of head. Hair getting thinner. These more in the middle part. I don’t know what is the causes of my hair losing. I need your suggestion how many times to wash my hair or just rinse in the water. Cause scared that will loss natural oils in the scalp. And how to apply coconut oil and washes. Please revert to me.

  67. Tiffany says:

    I love coconut oil. It does help to keep my hair moisturized especially in the dry climate where I reside. I use Groveda’s fast hair growth oil, shampoo and conditioner to help grow my hair out. I also notice it is more healthier and soft.too. In looking at some of the ingredients, I do see coconut oil, amla, peppermint oil, olive oil vitamins plus more. I feels good to know that I don’t have to buy a bunch of stuff to reach my hair goals .

  68. Jaimie says:

    You can buy coconut oil at any Indian store . Not expensive

  69. annie naidoo says:

    I use amla oil….coconut oil…almond oil….they all make my hair fall as i massage my scalp . Im not rough but it falls out in clumps. My hair is fairly thick. I dont have bald patches. Im not sure if ots natural for my jair to fall wen i apply oil…..

  70. miriam says:

    so if i use this treatment how fast would it grow my hair in one week

  71. angelina raquel says:


  72. Michaela says:

    How many times a week can I put coconut oil in my hair ?

  73. Rommel says:

    I have applied the organic virgin coconut oil to my own daughter just this month. It is very effective & she has no more head lice. Works great and I hope it also helps my hair growth, it is my first time to applied just today. Oil plugging also works great.

  74. Maria Yvette Rivera says:

    Hi,i’m 54 years old and my hair is thinning.Is it okay if i apply coconut oil on hair and scalp then put on a heating cap and leave it on for let’s say 20 min?…how often is it advisable to do this?

  75. Patricia says:

    My hair is damage do to chemicals and now i have bald spots in my head and thining edges. Will coconut oil help regrow my hair back and how long will it take before i see results.

  76. Tracey says:

    Hi. I’m using coconut oil, castor oil, & jojoba on my hair as a treatment & hopefully to influence growth. It’s been thinning a bit lately. To remove the oil, apply shampoo before wetting it. Use all organic, especially if you’re trying to improve the condition of your hair. Once you’ve lightly massaged shampoo through, wash as usual. For colouring hair, try use ammonia free products to reduce further damage.

  77. Tracy Chau says:

    Hi, I have thinning hair at the crown of my head and hair line parting, does coconut oil promotes hair growth? If yes, how do I use it.

  78. Wendy says:

    My hair dresser took thinning sheers to my long hair and now I feel bald. Will it ever get thick again? Also I highlight with bleach. Would the coconut oil be food for both the thinning and highlighting? I’m so upset she thinned my hair :/

  79. Jeanine says:

    Hi, I have very dry, bleached blond hair that I have been trying to grow out for over a year. I recently tried putting coconut oil in my hair before I wash it. I have only done this 3 times and the results I have achieved are amazing!! My hairdresser immediately noticed the difference!! I use it pre-wash and I apply it while it is dry, getting it all over, and massaging it into my scalp. I let it sit for at least an hour and then i wash my hair with Bioloage Shampoo and Conditioner for fragile hair. i have to say, this too has helped my hair tremendously!! I finally stopped purchasing cheap shampoo/conditioner and I splurged. The combination of both has really done wonders with my hair!! My hair feels amazing and it now has shine that it has never had before. I also think it is growing faster (and my hair does NOT normally grow fast at all). I intend to keep using the coconut oil for a long time! I do (not) heat mine up. I just rub it in my hands to make it pliable and then I just keep adding more and fingering it through my hair. I also put a plastic bag on my head to keep it in there until I am ready to wash it out. If you haven’t tried it, give it a little bit of time, like I said, I have only done this 3 times, but the results are already amazing! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week.

  80. faith says:

    Hi, I am just starting to use cocunut oil in my thick, some what long hair. Many people are commenting on hairloss…. does this happen to my hair type? I would really hate for this scenaio to happen. And another thing…. how long would it take for me to grow my hair about 2or 3 inches? How many times should I repeat this a week? Thank you for the support!

  81. Karen T says:

    There is a fantastic article at the top of this page. Titled: Coconut Oil for Hair Growth: Read it, it answers most of the questions asked above. Yes,it should help with regrowth,split ends,hair fall. Yes,you should notice some difference right away. Your hair should be so soft and shiny. Everyone has different hair types and everyone will notice something different from another person.
    Diet has so much to do with it also. No one can tell for sure exactly how many inches, if any your hair will grow.
    I love how thorough all your articles are. They are educational for sure. Too bad you don’t sell some of the products you mention?

  82. I’m hoping for a reply~I used coconut oil and left it in overnight. the next morning when combing it out after shampooing 2 times a lot of hair came out, is that normal? Scared me since my hair is already thinning and falling out!. Is it still ok to use? Thank you for your help!


  83. Vicki says:

    I am loosing my hair due to age (61) loss of hormones and heredity. It is becoming drastic. Will coconut oil promote hair growth and if so what is a good brand for this purpose? Thank you so much!

  84. Courtney says:

    How often should I use coconut oil on my hair??

  85. Nancy says:

    I had problems of growing my hair out too. I started taking multi vitamins and using Groveda’s hair growth serum. My hair is growing faster and my nails are stronger too. So first you gotta take care of yourself internally and then you can use fast hair growth products to increase normal hair growth. The serum I use from Groveda has amla oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, biotin, neem and msm. These ingredients are perfect for me. Everything all in one bottle.

  86. Tudy ann says:

    Hi I am suffering from eczema can coconut oil help me in any way?

  87. sarah says:

    I wanna ask u…. can I use this product everyday…..if yes ….then I have to wash my hair everyday ….

  88. k says:

    How long will it take for my hair to grow out? Also, how much will it grow? I want it to be really long

  89. rayray says:

    My hair is thinning. Will coconut oil help my hair regro And thicke?

  90. rayray says:

    Will coconut oit help regrow and thicken my hair?

  91. Vot Channara says:

    Excuse me, I’m now 18. I got hair loss since I was 14. How can I stop it and grow the hairs 100%?
    Moreover, can the non-virgin coconut oil help?

  92. ivy says:

    Hey, I was wondering…last night when I was applying coconut oil, about 20 strands of hair came out. Is this normal??

  93. Fernando Navarro says:

    Will using coconut oil help a little bit with my thinning of hair loss on the top of my back of head?

  94. Tony says:

    If I use coconut oil before I wash my hair, would it hurt to also mix it 50/50 with my shampoo and then wash it again with regular conditioner?

  95. sisi says:

    How often do I need to use coconut oil? Is it okay to just put it in 7 days and after that I will just skip another week and then add again in 7 days? Please reply. I cut my bangs so short so that’s what I want to grow it fast. Please reply.

  96. Sharon williams says:

    I have my hair in braids can I use coconut oil for the roots as I have my hair dyed

  97. Diane says:

    How do I use coconut oil if I have oily scalp?

    I have baby hair, my scalp is oily, my hair is dry and tangles easily, and I have hair loss and hair breakage problems. And I’m afraid that the oil might give me pimples on my face.

    Will be extremely grateful for any advice given.


  98. charlotte says:

    Hi,I want fast growth for my hair because it takes forever to grow,and the indian remedy is coconut oil,well they say use it healthy to do so,also my hair is always tied up in a pony,is it ok to put coconut oil and tie my hair,I wash my hair like twice a week.please give advise I really wana have long hair. Fast.thank you

  99. Hannah says:

    how many inches in a week will your hair grow?

  100. Mandy Martin says:

    Where can I get the coconut oil?? What store is it at?? I really want to try it??

  101. Hannah says:

    Can I leave it in overnight and wash it out on the morning?

  102. nicole says:

    i just got a really bad haircut i m a teen and my hair is sososososo short little bit upper than my shoulders , my hair always been super long ive always maintain the same length thats to my waiste, but the lady who does my hair decided to make a change its horrible,, anyways im wondering if coconut oil will stimualte the growth of hair fast or any substance like coconut milk for the growth hair would work???????pls pls help.

  103. nicole says:

    i just got the worst haircut!:((( ive always had long pretty hair but now my hair is really short a little bit upper than my shoulders and dried and kind of breaking ……and school is starting in like 2 and half weeks and im wondering as if coconut oil or any substance related to coconut like coconut milk will stimulate the growth hair fast and smooth and hydrated and if so how many times a week it should be applied and more pls pls helppppppp.

  104. Marcie says:

    Can I use it every day?

  105. Melissa says:

    Do I need to wash hairspray or other products out of my hair before applying the coconut oil?

    Also, should I apply the coconut oil to wet or dry hair?


  106. patricia says:

    Is there a coconut oil vitamin that I can take instead of putting it in my hair?

  107. Jen says:

    Sorry wrong email prior to this

    I am 49 and I am thinning on top . Will coconut oil help make it grow on top? If so how do I use it.

  108. AC says:

    You can buy Natures Way organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil from any Walgrens. It is not located with hair products because it is a oil you can eat/cook with. I just bought this yesterday. Smells and tastes great! I’m using it for hair and skin care and already has taken away my daughters rash! I hope to see amazing results for my hair. I’ve lost a lot of hair due to stress over the past 2 years and I hope to get it back!

  109. felly says:

    How do I use coconut oil my hair is broken inftont , sides and back please help

  110. Kara says:

    How many times should i shampoo my hair to wash off coconut oil. My hair is long but i have thin strands so i don’t want my hair to be stripped of all oil. Thanks

  111. Barbara says:

    Can you use the coconut oil if you have colored hair?

  112. Barbara says:

    Coconut oil and salon colored hair. Is it alright?

  113. Sabita Samaroo says:

    Hi Thanks for the information on coconut oil for hair. My hair is falling a lot and I also have dandruff. Can I use coconut oil for dandruff treatment?

  114. Eunice Roberson says:

    tips of the coconut oil for hair is very useful

  115. Gracie says:

    Can I buy hair spray (coconut oil) and spray it in hair then wash it out ?

  116. Janelle says:

    How often should I use the coconut oil on my long fine hair? My hairdresser said I have dry ends.

  117. Cheryl says:

    Perosnally i am using coconut oil from past 4 months on my body as well in my hairs and it is very effective out there

  118. nure says:

    Can you use heat treatment (flat iron) after you’ve applied coconut oil on your hair?

  119. Ari says:

    How often can I use the coconut oil for my hair?

  120. Nicole Murko says:

    Thank u so much for your article. I had very long bair nearly down to my butt. I went to my hairdresser yesterday to get an ash blonde. I worked hair with about 6 inches of breakage off the length and about 4 inches off my layers. I’m in tears. I use coconut oil already just on my ends after shampooing. I don’t car if my hair looks oily. What do I do? The 24 hours treatment with foil and shower cap and then put all damage bits and pull my hair up with it in for days lol. Can coconut oil do any damage if each day I put a little bit more on my ends and layers? I only easy hair once a week anyway. I’m so inset please help me. I appreciate any advise u can give me 😃😃😃😃

  121. rose hip oil says:

    Rose hip oil is used in a variety of commercial and homemade skin care formulations: soaps, lotions, creams, and more.

    Replacing them via topical applications will prove an invaluable aid
    to our overall appearance, leaving our skin healthy and unblemished, while its ability to reconstruct our
    skin with its collagen ingredients is fast and efficient.
    One of the very important ways of turning back the clock and
    looking younger is the type of skin care products you use.

  122. Karen` says:

    After reading the article and some of the comments, I get the impression that Jojoba oil and Coconut Oil should not be used together. Isthat true?

  123. Kristi says:

    I’ve been trying to grow my hair for months and I don’t see Andy results I’ve bought all kinds of stuff and tried them I used the liquid coconut oil and leave it in over night a couple nights a week will it help grow my hair I want long hair but can’t get it to grow I take biotin and b12 and I cut my dead ends regularly I’m getting married in march and I would love to have my long hair before then please help me

  124. Pheabe says:

    I use coconut oil every night. I use it to treat my hair & scalp. And my hair is amazing. It grows fast, it’s shiny and very black. I’m from Philippines and as you know the humid here is very bad. We only have 2 season, the rainy season & the summer season, plus the polution here is very heavy, plus chemical hair straightening such as rebonding & relaxing is a trend here, the harsher the chemical the better your hair would look like after every salon session, and i also change my hair color every 6 months. So here in Ph we have to wash our hair everyday, because of all the dirt, so just imagine how dead inside my hair is before i used this coconut oil treatment.)
    So This is my hair story:
    1. I was depressed before because of my boyfriend so i cut my waist lenght chemically colored dried hair really short. (Pixie cut so now there is no split ends & it is very easy to maintain)
    2. Before i go to sleep i put a lot of coconut oil on my scalp down to the end. I massage it on my scalp specifically on places that i want to be longer asap (optional:you canwear shower cap whenever you sleep)
    3.Then before i go to work i wash my hair with baking soda & tiny bit of shampoo (i’m trying to be as organic as much as possible. Because commercial hair is very harsh for our hair)
    4. I use a lot of conditioner (any brand will do but if your like me who wants to have longer hair asap. Use a hair growing shampoo & confitioner)
    5. From pixie cut to chin lenght hair is 1month? Or less
    Chin lenght to shoulder is another 1 month
    Estimatedly 1.5-2 inches every month
    Now my hair is already on my boobs level (5-6months) & i have a smooth tangle free hair. Anyway
    My grandmother also uses this method. She has shiny silk like gray hair now.

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