Revealed: The Power of Silica for Hair Growth

Trying to improve your hair health, and give it a luxurious texture? You might be on the cutting edge of scientific research into hair if you’ve considered silica. Check out our complete guide to silica and hair growth. What Is Silica? Why do we need it? Necessary for human development and growth throughout your life, […] Read more »

The Four Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

There are some things you should know about the four best vitamins for hair growth that other health experts aren’t mentioning. Find out what they are here. 1. Biotin: Top Vitamin for Hair Growth One of the most commonly researched vitamins for hair loss is biotin. Biotin is even added in shampoos for hair growth. […] Read more »

Herbs for Hair Growth

If you want your hair longer, there are several options. You could go to the medical doctor and go home with a prescription medication such as Minoxidil, and then deal with side effects as they arise. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to get to the hair follicle. You could […] Read more »

Does Folic Acid Help Hair Growth?

There are a few ways to answer the question, “Does folic acid help hair growth?” You could get a scientific answer from actual studies done. You could speak with doctors and ask for their observations of their patients with hair loss that may have been treated with folic acid. From there you could listen to […] Read more »

Hair Loss? Consider Taking Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth, Some Say

Have you heard celebrities talk about the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth? The big question is whether or not this is true. Many women find that their hair does grow exceptionally long during pregnancy, but does that mean that the two are related? Pregnant women also do other things like eat odd […] Read more »

Biotin for Better Hair Growth

There is no doubt in my mind that vitamins and hair growth are linked in a million different ways and that some vitamins, such as B7 (or simply Biotin), are extremely important for maintaining healthy, strong and shiny hair. Now, many beauty products that contain Biotin claim that this magical ingredient can make hair grow […] Read more »

Vitamins for Healthy Hair – Vitamin B Complex


B vitamins consist of a group of water soluble vitamins that are essential to your overall health. A common misconception about B vitamins is that they are all one vitamin, commonly referred to as vitamin B. In reality, though, there are many B vitamins including B1, B2, B3 along with vitamins B5, B6, B7, B9 […] Read more »

Iron Deficiency and Hair Growth

Featured img iron

Iron deficiency is frequently linked to hair loss, although this very simple condition often goes misdiagnosed or ignored until it’s too late. In this article, I’m going to give you some basic information on how iron and other minerals affect hair growth and what you should do about it. How Does Iron Affect Hair Growth? […] Read more »