How to Avoid Dry, Brittle Hair?

How to Avoid Brittle and Dry Hair

Summertime is always an interesting time for hair. On one hand, all the sun feels great and can even give you a quick boost of nutrients. On the other hand, your hair can get dried out and brittle, putting you at risk for hair loss. No one wants that, and that’s why we want to […] Read more »

Choosing the Right Hair Dryer for You

You’re getting ready for a night out and you sit in front of your mirror. You switch on your hair dryer and it dies in your hand. Nightmare. You know that letting hair dry naturally is the more healthy choice. It means you have fewer cracks along your hair cuticles, which means less breakage. But you […] Read more »

8 Tips to Maintain Your Long Straight Hair

Tips to Maintain Your Long Straight Hair

8 Tips On How To Straighten Your Long Hair Is there anything more stunning than long, luscious locks? Throughout history, the world’s most beautiful women have been portrayed in art and fashion with flowing manes of long straight hair. But, as most of us know, that can be a hard look to achieve. While some […] Read more »

The Best Spring Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Let Spring Take Care Of Your Hair Most of the United States looks forward to spring with great anticipation. Warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activities make everyone eager for the change. Spring also means a change in how your hair reacts to weather. Having the right spring hair care tricks can ensure that […] Read more »

Give Yourself Stress Free Straight Hair

8 Tips How To Keep Your Hair Straight If you have curly hair, you want straight hair. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair. At least that’s the way it seems when it comes to hair styling and desire. But if do like to keep your hair perfectly straight, it’s a lot of […] Read more »

5 Ways to Give Yourself Natural Highlights

Natural Highlights For Your Hair People love to change their hair color. And why not? There’s not much more fun than switching up your look. One of the easiest ways to start that new look is by highlighting your hair. Millions upon million of people use highlights, but most use them wrong. Use highlights wrong, you ask? […] Read more »

5 Expert Tips for Longer, Thicker Hair in 2017

thicker longer hair

You know the saying: new year, new you. We can definitely appreciate that, but we can bet there’s one thing that has remained the same as always — your pursuit of longer, thicker hair! There is an endless amount of information online, but here’s the truth: a lot of it is misguided and overcomplicated. It’s […] Read more »

Ten Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Many people suffer from hair loss each year. They need hair growth to regain their sense of social confidence. Since many cases of hair loss are not considered that important by medical doctors, you may have to resort to natural remedies for the problem. Cosmetologists who are trained in all types of hair care may […] Read more »

Black Hair Growth Tips

If you want hair down to your bra-strap, it’s not going to happen automatically unless you use black hair growth tips consistently and stay dedicated to your purpose. Hair grows at the rate of about one-fourth to one-half inch per month. That means if you want hair down to your shoulders for your wedding, plan […] Read more »