Black Hair Growth Tips

If you want hair down to your bra-strap, it’s not going to happen automatically unless you use black hair growth tips consistently and stay dedicated to your purpose.

Hair grows at the rate of about one-fourth to one-half inch per month. That means if you want hair down to your shoulders for your wedding, plan the wedding for about two years from now if you’re starting with a buzz cut. If your hair is at the nape of your neck, you only have about a year to go…

If you want hair down to your waist, give yourself about 4 years. That’s if you want the hair to look full, healthy and beautiful.

Hair Facts

There are three different stages hairs go through: 1) anagen – the growth phase, 2) catagen – the follicle renewal stage, and 3) telogen phase – resting phase. In the telogen phase, the hair and follicles rest for up to four months and don’t produce a hair.

When you read about these stages in research, the key for black hair growth is to keep hair in the anagen phase for a longer period of time. You also want to keep the hair out of the resting phase for long periods of time.

The good news is that hair follicle cells grow fast and divide quickly when you give them what they want and need. As a result of this, you can gain control of your hair’s growth to an extent.

What to Do For Black Hair Growth

Here are some black hair growth tips that can help you by providing the knowledge you need to reach your hair length goals.

1. Feed Your Hair What It Needs

Hair is made of protein and the protein in your diet will determine how strong your hair is and how many hairs you have on your head. Without enough protein in your diet, your body will divert whatever protein it gets to your vital organs since hair is not considered a priority tissue in the body.

Most women don’t eat enough protein in their diet. They skimp on the protein and somewhere along the line believed a myth that protein is hard to digest. If you feel that you can’t digest protein, it’s a clue that your digestive tract is in need of cleansing, not that you need less protein.

Eating enough protein is only half of the battle. You have to make sure you eat the right proteins. Protein foods include beef, buffalo, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, and dairy products. These are the high quality proteins you need to grow hair, not protein bars (also high in sugar and carbs) or protein shakes (unless you met your protein needs first with high quality proteins).

Do a little experiment and see what happens after eating more high quality protein foods for a few months. Notice the difference in your hair. Of all the black hair growth tips, this one could help you the most.

2. Get Instant Length by Relaxing the Curls With Oil

There are special oils on the market that you put on your hair and scalp to relax the curls. This is an easy way to get some instant length. By instant, it means a few weeks. One of these oils is called Wild Growth Hair Oil. It’s the type of product that you’ll either love or hate.

3. Oprah’s Beauty Expert Secret

Believe it or not, Oprah’s beauty expert is against using natural boar bristle brushes. She says its bristles are more haphazard than regular brushes, and as a result, pulls out more hairs than normal brushes do. If you’re pulling out hairs, you aren’t growing them.

4. Examine Your Daily Habits

Do you go crazy with relaxing your hair and do it more than 5 times a year? If so, back off the relaxing a little!

Do you run your fingers through your hair during the day, curious as to how much hair will come out? Stop it.

Do you get your hair trimmed an inch too often or not often enough? Every 8-12 weeks is sufficient.

Do you protect your hair from the sunlight? Sun can damage your hair as much as it can damage your skin.

Do you ever use egg to ‘beef up’ the protein strands? Do you sufficiently rinse the shampoo (and conditioner) out of your hair after shampooing?

Do you braid your hair too tightly?

Change the habits you have that aren’t contributing to growing your hair.

5. Don’t Forget Your Multivitamin

Your hair needs all the nutrients, not just some of them, as some people want you to believe. You need more than zinc, selenium, biotin, and folic acid. You also need iron, vitamin A, C, E, and D, and all the other B vitamins and minerals. They all work together so don’t just go for the nutrients purported to help hair grow fast. You’ll get a much greater gain by providing them all.

Don’t forget the visualization part of these black hair growth tips. If you can put up photos of women with long hair you admire, you’re more apt to stay on track and do the things you need to consistently. Happy hair growing!

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