The Best Spring Hair Care Tips and Tricks

The Best Spring Hair Care Tips and TricksLet Spring Take Care Of Your Hair

Most of the United States looks forward to spring with great anticipation. Warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activities make everyone eager for the change.

Spring also means a change in how your hair reacts to weather. Having the right spring hair care tricks can ensure that your look transfers easily from winter to spring and beyond.

Expect More Growth!

Many experts believe that the increased amount of sunlight triggers your hair to grow more quickly. When your hair grows more quickly, it affects a lot of your spring hair care routines.

First, you have to make sure that if you color your hair, you keep an eye on how quickly your roots are showing. You may need to color your hair more often starting in the spring as your hair grows.

Secondly, you may need more regular cuts. If your hair grows quickly anyway, the difference may not be extreme, but you may find that you need an extra hair appointment during the spring.

What’s you take

There are many natural ways you can encourage your hair to grow more quickly, including getting the right vitamins in your diet.

Use Spring Hair Care to Air Dry

In the winter, going out with wet hair can be both dangerous to your health and difficult on your professional image. As spring appears, however, you have an opportunity to allow your hair to dry more naturally.

If you can’t allow hair to air dry over time, then use your hair dryer further from your head. The heat will be more gentle, and your hair will benefit.

Drying your hair can cause damage, including breaking down the protective cuticles and leaving hair brittle. Of course, proper spring hair care means air drying your hair properly, not just letting it go on its own.

Get a Trim to Start Off Spring

The cold and dry air of winter takes a significant toll on your hair. Getting rid of split ends is a great way to start off your spring hair care.

You don’t have to get a major cut unless you want a new look – taking just a little bit off can get rid of dry split ends and make your hair feel as fresh as the new season.

Trims have a lot of benefits for your hair, improving the look and feel as well as reducing breakage, lessening flyaway strands, and making hair look thicker and shinier.

Change Out Shampoo and Conditioner

Similar to the way that we switch out winter clothes for lighter and airier looks, it’s important to switch out shampoo and conditioner as well. You probably use moisturizing products during the winter to fight the dry air, but in the spring, that’s not as necessary.

In the spring the increase in humidity can combine with your hair products and put too much moisture into your mane, which can mean major frizz. To avoid this, consider changing to a formula designed for normal hair once warmer weather moves in.

Another important consideration is that sometimes your hair becomes too accustomed to your hair products and they lose their effectiveness. Changing your shampoo and conditioner seasonally can help keep your hair looking fabulous.

Consider More Natural Highlights

As the days lengthen, it’s a good time to consider your hair color. If you color your hair, you may think about a less structured highlight style. For your spring hair care, ask your stylist about balayage, which is a technique that involves painting color onto strands more randomly.

With a less structured highlight, your locks look more sun-kissed and ready for summer. Not only that, but it will grow out more naturally, which can save you time and money at the salon.

Balayage works with any color of hair, as long as the lighter sections are just one or two shades lighter than your overall color. You don’t need dramatic contrast, just a soft, subtle look.

Control Your Hair on Rainy Days

April showers may bring out May flowers, but they also bring out the absolute worst in your hair. Having a go-to hairstyle to keep the humidity frizz at bay can do a lot to get you through a dreary month.

Throwing your hair in a top knot can help you get through a rainy day. So will going easy on hair products, which behave differently in high humidity. A sleek, smooth braid is another great trick.

Finally, if you do end up with wet, messy hair due to the weather, be sure to use a comb to detangle it. A brush can damage wet hair, while a wide-tooth comb can detangle your locks without causing problems – or pain.

Fight the Frizz

It isn’t just rain that causes more frizz in the spring. The rapid increase of humidity after a dry winter can create wild hair and flyaways on even the sunniest days.

You can use an anti-frizz serum on damp hair to help seal and smooth the cuticle. To avoid a greasy look, only use the serum from the midpoint of the strand to the tip. There are also anti-humidity sprays that can help tame your tresses. Mist these sprays on dry hair near the roots, without overdoing it.

Carrying an anti-humidity spray with you to work can help you get a midday touchup or avoid frizz when you leave the office for lunch. Coconut oil can also help while encouraging hair growth at the same time. Overall, though, you’ll do best on humid days if your hairstyle is similar to your natural look. Don’t fight your hair!

Spring Hair Care Can Be Fun

The best way to handle spring hair care is to embrace what the new season brings, challenges and all. Yes, you’ll get more humidity and rainy days. But you’ll also get beautiful sunshine, warm breezes, and more reasons to be outside than ever.

By keeping your hair with a natural look, you can avoid having to fight your mane’s natural tendencies. Spring is not the time to force curly hair into a super-straight style, and it’s not the time to try to bring significant volume and curls into extremely straight locks.

Whether you’re trying to encourage longer, thicker hair or simply trying maintain your current style, spring can be tough. With these spring hair care tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to beautiful spring tresses!

What’s your take on these spring hair care tips? Join the conversation in the comments section below!

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