The Best Hair Brush for Each Type of Hair

The Best Hair Brush for Each Type of Hair

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That hairbrush aisle is massive. There are so many hairbrushes in that multicolored jungle of briars that you might end up getting lost forever.

You reach out, thinking you might have found one that might be an okay brush. But then you hesitate. Is it really the brush for my type of hair?

It’s a question most of us with long hair struggle with. How do we keep our long curly or straight or wavy locks looking perfect without fighting with that brush?

Let’s look at the types of hairbrushes that are out there and see if we can’t untangle this mess.

1. Synthetic Bristle Hair Brush for Thick or Curly

This is the kind of brush you might have used to tickle your sister with when you were a kid. It has those little sea anemone ends to the bristles. And a give-way pad underneath the bristles.

The shiny smooth ends on the bristles help dig into your hair without damaging it. And the give-way pad ensures that the bristles don’t snag and snarl on your thick mane.

The synthetic materials don’t create nearly as much static as some brushes. So you won’t look like a science experiment gone wrong after brushing.

2. Natural Bristle Brush or Boar Bristle Brush for Thin Straight Hair

It’s become quite popular to get everything all natural. But sometimes it’s not the fact that it’s natural that counts. It’s the shape of the brush. And the fact that it’s natural is an added bonus.

Boar hair is the perfect shape and texture for thin hair. They are soft and because they are hairs themselves they collect and re-distribute your natural hair oils.

This spreads the oil all the way to the ends of your hair. And it keeps the strands of your wafty hair from getting dry and brittle.

3. Mixed Bristle Brush for That Intermediate Hairstyle

This hair brush can be used for all hair styles. But the Mixed Bristle’s main purpose is to hit that intermediate hair type. It’s the hair that isn’t quite thick or curly but isn’t quite thin and wafty either.

The boar hair spreads the oils as mentioned above. The synthetic bristles dig into the thicker sections of your hair and pull them apart gently.

And the typically leather soft-box under the bristles conforms to your scalp.

If you go for a Mason Pearson brush, you get something handmade in England. So, you get a brush that lasts a long time if you want to spend the money.

4. The Paddle Brush Is Not for Ping Pong

Although you could try to use it for a game of ping pong, the paddle brush is a synthetic hair brush. And it’s made to flatten out the frizz. So, if you live in a humid environment, this might be the brush for you.

This square brush doesn’t create much volume when you brush it through your hair. It features a cushion under the bristles that conforms to your head as you brush.

It’s an all-types hair brush. But it’s especially effective, like the regular synthetic, with thicker hair types.

5. The Vented Brush

If you use a hair dryer, you might notice that most brushes get in the way. Not this brush.

The vented brush features slots in the back. These slots facilitate air. And no, it’s not so that you can silently brush your hair. It actually lets you brush your hair and dry it at the same time.

This lessens the amount of time spend under the hair dryer. It’s a very effective way of preventing hair damage.

And since it’s synthetic, it’s particularly useful with thicker hair styles.

6. The Round Brush for the Tighter Curl

If you have curly hair or your curl your hair, this is the brush for you. It’s the brush that gives the most volume. And it’s meant to style more than it is for detangling.

Its round design will help grab and tighten those curls you already have. And the design will also help you brush from underneath for that epic blowout.

This style of brush can come in both synthetic and natural boar’s hair. Or it can come in a mix of both.

7. The Tease

This is the updo hair brush. Do you want knots? This is the brush for you.

It’s that step up from a comb. It usually features boars hair, thus making it less harsh. Because, if you have fragile hair, a comb will snag and tear your hair asunder. But a boar hair teasing hair brush will gently tug and not snag on your hair.

8. The Wet Hair Brush

If you don’t like to dry your hair with a dryer, this is the brush for you.

For wet hair, you need bristles almost as stiff as a comb.

These brushes are also great for detangling hair. You need something that will get in there and get the job done. And you can count on a wet hair brush to do the job.

9. The Natural Hair Hair Brush

If you want your hair to look like you’ve put no product in at all, this is the brush for you.

This works well for curly hair especially. The bristles actually have a fail safe in the classic styling brush. They remove when you snag too hard.

And the brush will work on wet hair as well.

If you’re looking to clump your curls together, this brush will work as well. The bristles are wide enough that they will give you a wave pattern that is much more defined.

10. The Comb

Yes. This isn’t a hair brush. But you can’t have a hair brush collection without one.

Every girl should have a wide toothed comb just in case they need to hurry out the shower and detangle in a jiff.

And then there is the fine toothed comb. You might have to section out your hair at some point. Use a fine-toothed comb to do what a brush can’t.


The choice is yours. But certain hair brushes really do match certain hair types.

What is your preferred hair brush for your hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to check out more hair tips and tricks.



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