Black Hair Growth Tips

If you want hair down to your bra-strap, it’s not going to happen automatically unless you use black hair growth tips consistently and stay dedicated to your purpose. Hair grows at the rate of about one-fourth to one-half inch per month. That means if you want hair down to your shoulders for your wedding, plan […] Read more »

The Four Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

There are some things you should know about the four best vitamins for hair growth that other health experts aren’t mentioning. Find out what they are here. 1. Biotin: Top Vitamin for Hair Growth One of the most commonly researched vitamins for hair loss is biotin. Biotin is even added in shampoos for hair growth. […] Read more »

Herbs for Hair Growth

If you want your hair longer, there are several options. You could go to the medical doctor and go home with a prescription medication such as Minoxidil, and then deal with side effects as they arise. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to get to the hair follicle. You could […] Read more »

Does Folic Acid Help Hair Growth?

There are a few ways to answer the question, “Does folic acid help hair growth?” You could get a scientific answer from actual studies done. You could speak with doctors and ask for their observations of their patients with hair loss that may have been treated with folic acid. From there you could listen to […] Read more »

Hair Loss? Consider Taking Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth, Some Say

Have you heard celebrities talk about the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth? The big question is whether or not this is true. Many women find that their hair does grow exceptionally long during pregnancy, but does that mean that the two are related? Pregnant women also do other things like eat odd […] Read more »

Biotin for Better Hair Growth

There is no doubt in my mind that vitamins and hair growth are linked in a million different ways and that some vitamins, such as B7 (or simply Biotin), are extremely important for maintaining healthy, strong and shiny hair. Now, many beauty products that contain Biotin claim that this magical ingredient can make hair grow […] Read more »

Jojoba Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Featured jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is commonly used in various skin and hair care products, including shampoos, moisturizers, and even makeup removers. When it comes to using jojoba oil on hair, most people use it as a carrier oil, which means that it “carries” other oils (such as essential oils) and improves absorption into the scalp. Let’s have […] Read more »

Essential Oils for Hair Explained

Featured EO

Essential oils (or simply EOs) are a popular natural hair care product. Sadly, when it comes to hair oils, not many people understand how different types of oil should be used and what affect they have on our hair and scalp. In this article, I’m going to talk about what essential oils are, how to […] Read more »