5 Expert Tips for Longer, Thicker Hair in 2017

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You know the saying: new year, new you. We can definitely appreciate that, but we can bet there’s one thing that has remained the same as always — your pursuit of longer, thicker hair! There is an endless amount of information online, but here’s the truth: a lot of it is misguided and overcomplicated. It’s […] Read more »

Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

If you’re like most people, you probably wash your hair pretty frequently, if not on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if just the act of washing your hair would stimulate hair growth? Well, in a way it can no matter what shampoo you use. If you take the time to thoroughly and gently […] Read more »

Ten Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Many people suffer from hair loss each year. They need hair growth to regain their sense of social confidence. Since many cases of hair loss are not considered that important by medical doctors, you may have to resort to natural remedies for the problem. Cosmetologists who are trained in all types of hair care may […] Read more »

Black Hair Growth Tips

If you want hair down to your bra-strap, it’s not going to happen automatically unless you use black hair growth tips consistently and stay dedicated to your purpose. Hair grows at the rate of about one-fourth to one-half inch per month. That means if you want hair down to your shoulders for your wedding, plan […] Read more »

How to Tell if Your Hair Likes Protein

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Protein is one of the most common ingredients found in strengthening shampoos and conditioners. From my experience I can tell that not all hair types like protein or products that act like protein (such as coconut oil). Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell whether your hair will do well with a protein-based treatment. […] Read more »

Ways to Prevent Split Ends and Breakage

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Hair breakage can cause serious long-term problems. If your hair keeps breaking off faster than it grows, you may even begin to think that it has stopped growing completely! It’s no secret that most people who complain about slow hair growth suffer from extremely bad split ends, and eliminating this annoying condition is the only […] Read more »

Healthy Hair Tips for Winter

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Hair problems are more common in the winter. Your hair can suddenly acquire static electricity or become extremely brittle as the temperature drops. Below are some healthy hair tips for winter that will allow you to keep you hair glowing and tangle-free even during the winter months. Never allow your hair to stay wet for […] Read more »

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Healthy Hair

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Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs to be maintained and well kept to stay healthy. Obviously vitamins are a great way to help keep your hair healthy and strong, but there are other things you can do to make sure you have a nice set of hair on your head. Hair […] Read more »