Growing Hair Overnight: Fact or Fiction

If you’ve ever longed for lengthier locks, you’ve probably tried to learn how to make your hair grow overnight. While it’s a well-known scientific fact that most healthy hair grows about a quarter to half an inch every month, there are articles aplenty boasting methods to teach you how to make your hair grow longer […] Read more »

Brittle vs. Thinning Hair: Two Types of Hair Loss

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out why your hair is acting up. Do you have brittle, dry, breaking hair? Or, is your hair thinning? If you’re not aware of the common characteristics of damaged hair, you might assume the wrong hair loss issue. Knowledge is power, and accuracy about your hair issues is the best […] Read more »

Foods that Stimulate Hair Growth

Everyone wants a full head of thick, gorgeous hair, but it can be more difficult to come by than many people realize. For men, typical male pattern baldness can easily get in the way as there is a 4 in 7 chance of receiving the baldness gene. For women, female pattern baldness can afflict as […] Read more »

How to Stimulate Hair Growth After Chemo?

As if having cancer wasn’t bad enough in and of itself, having it treated with chemotherapy comes with its own set of challenges. The side effects can be debilitating and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, mouth sores, pain, constipation, and easy bruising. On top of all those, you’ll probably lose all […] Read more »

The Truth About How To Make Hair Grow Faster

When it comes to figuring out how to make hair grow faster, it’s important to cut through the hype and myths, not to mention all those marketers out there trying to make a quick buck selling you products that may or may not get the results you’re looking for. In this article, I draw upon […] Read more »