The Two Best Hair Growth Shampoo Ingredients

Best Ingredients in Shampoo

All shampoo is not created equal. You need one that does it all — promotes a healthy scalp, keeps your scalp moisturized and conditioned, and makes sure all your hair follicles and hair strands are clean and ready to grow. Your shampoo should be helping your natural hair growth cycle work at full power. Of […] Read more »

What Is Seasonal Hair Loss And How To Prevent It?

seasonal hair loss

Sudden hair loss of any kind is enough to freak you out a little bit. You start wonder “Why me,” but the truth is, it happens to more women than you think. We automatically think life is over when we start noticing that we’re losing hair. When you start to see me a few more […] Read more »

Choosing the Right Hair Dryer for You

You’re getting ready for a night out and you sit in front of your mirror. You switch on your hair dryer and it dies in your hand. Nightmare. You know that letting hair dry naturally is the more healthy choice. It means you have fewer cracks along your hair cuticles, which means less breakage. But you […] Read more »

8 Tips to Maintain Your Long Straight Hair

Tips to Maintain Your Long Straight Hair

8 Tips On How To Straighten Your Long Hair Is there anything more stunning than long, luscious locks? Throughout history, the world’s most beautiful women have been portrayed in art and fashion with flowing manes of long straight hair. But, as most of us know, that can be a hard look to achieve. While some […] Read more »

The Best Spring Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Let Spring Take Care Of Your Hair Most of the United States looks forward to spring with great anticipation. Warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activities make everyone eager for the change. Spring also means a change in how your hair reacts to weather. Having the right spring hair care tricks can ensure that […] Read more »

Give Yourself Stress Free Straight Hair

8 Tips How To Keep Your Hair Straight If you have curly hair, you want straight hair. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair. At least that’s the way it seems when it comes to hair styling and desire. But if do like to keep your hair perfectly straight, it’s a lot of […] Read more »

6 Easy Hygiene Tips to Stimulate Hair Growth

6 Hygiene Tips to stimulate your hair growth

Follow These Tips To Stimulate Your Hair growth Naturally If you are attempting to grow out your hair, it can be frustrating to see no progress week after week. Your hair should grow at a rate of about a half-inch or so a month, but things like breakage and damage can limit your hairs’ ability […] Read more »

The Best Hair Brush for Each Type of Hair

The Best Hair Brush for Each Type of Hair

That hairbrush aisle is massive. There are so many hairbrushes in that multicolored jungle of briars that you might end up getting lost forever. You reach out, thinking you might have found one that might be an okay brush. But then you hesitate. Is it really the brush for my type of hair? It’s a […] Read more »

5 Ways to Give Yourself Natural Highlights

Natural Highlights For Your Hair People love to change their hair color. And why not? There’s not much more fun than switching up your look. One of the easiest ways to start that new look is by highlighting your hair. Millions upon million of people use highlights, but most use them wrong. Use highlights wrong, you ask? […] Read more »

The Effects of Chamomile Tea on Your Hair

Chamomile Tea For Hair Growth Are you struggling to grow your hair? It’s been statistically found that over 40% of women struggle with hair loss or poor hair growth, and 50% of men under 35 years of age struggle with hair loss and poor hair growth as well. There are many creams, oils, and pills […] Read more »